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Product Features


Equipped with dedicated LSIs developed in-house

Three types of dedicated LSIs were newly developed by combining the technologies of Socionext Inc, a global LSI provider. By incorporating the main functions required by diagnostic ultrasound systems into these three LSIs, we have achieved cableless operation for more than three continuous hours in an ultra-compact and lightweight body weighing only 165g, including the built-in battery.

  • Pulser LSI Pulser LSI
  • Ultrasound Processing LSI Ultrasound Processing LSI
  • System control LSI System control LSI

Compact and Lightweight

Ultra-lightweight device weighing only 165g (linear probe)

Probe fits in a white coat pocket

Greatly expands the operating range in and out of the hospital

Stress-free even after long hours of scanning



Freedom of wireless connection without being tied to cables

Probe can be moved freely from the head to the feet of the patient's body

Monitor position can be conveniently adjusted to any desired position


Continuous 3-hour operation

Powerful probe with low power consumption

Long battery life makes it easy to carry around

Probe does not heat up even with continuous operation


High resolution image quality

Image processing by ultra-high-performance, dedicated LSI developed in-house

Equipped with an image processing engine specialized for ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems

Adjust images to your preference, including gain, dynamic range, TGC, and image processing filters


10-inch monitor

Tablet displays a clear view of the scanning image

Full HD size, LCD touch panel

Images can be viewed by multiple users


Fast start-up, easy to use

Highly mobile scanning environment

Scanning can start within 15 seconds (with good Wi-Fi connection, when the tablet is in sleep mode, and when the probe has been set up in advance).

Freeze button on probe

Allows selection of presets for different scanning sites and saving of user settings