viewphii-US Product Information

Product Overview

Mobile Ultrasound Imaging System viewphii US

Whenever and wherever you need it,  
that's the forefront of medical care.

Compact, lightweight, and high-resolution images
Cableless, for easy handling and stress-free operation
A new style of ultrasound diagnosis

From the examination room to the outdoors. Ultrasound scanning whenever and wherever needed.

With its mobile feature, it is ideal for use in situations such as outpatient settings other than hospital examination room, bedside primary check-ups, home-visit treatment/nursing, emergency (ER/Air Ambulance), POCUS (Point-of-Care Ultrasound) for remote medical care, where you need to obtain clinical information in real time to identify diseases and determine basic medical treatment.

Equipped with dedicated LSIs developed in-house

Global LSI provider Socionext has brought together its technologies to develop three new types of dedicated LSIs that incorporate the main functions diagnostic ultrasound systems need. The result is cableless operation for more than three continuous hours in an ultra-compact and lightweight body weighing only 165g, including the built-in battery.

  • Pulser LSI Pulser LSI
  • Ultrasound Processing LSI Ultrasound Processing LSI
  • System control LSI System control LSI